The toy company that makes toys for the likes of Disney and Marvel and other big companies has made a huge investment in its first female-made toy, which will be unveiled on Monday.

“Toy Story” dolls for girls will be the first in a line of 10 to be launched in a bid to diversify the toy market and broaden the appeal of the brand, which has grown in popularity since the release of the movie in 2014.

The company has already launched its first-ever female-produced Barbie line and announced plans to launch an additional line of toys later this year.

The “Toy Story 2” dolls, made by the company that was acquired in 2015, will be priced at $69.99 and will come with a toy that features an all-female cast of characters including Princess Daisy.

The dolls will be available in stores starting March 1.

The dolls will also feature a new character, “Sylvia” who is voiced by Kristen Bell.

In addition to dolls, the company is planning to release a line-up of accessories, including a set of “Toy Time” teddy bears and a “Fairy Tale” shirt.

It is expected that the dolls will sell out in about a week and that Disney and the studio will make up the difference by launching additional toys in the future.

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