Lowes Outdoor Sale: American freight | Lowes indoor sale, Bel furniture, American cargo article Lowest Prices: American cargo | American freight: Lowes, American warehouse, Bel Furniture source ABC News article Lowe’s Outdoor Sale has a full selection of American freight, including low-priced, family-sized furniture, but there are some big-ticket items available.

Here are the low-down on the items.

Bel Furnished furniture The first American freight in Australia since the 1980s is from Bel Furnishing, a British company that made furniture for the Royal Family for more than 70 years.

It opened its first store in Melbourne in the 1960s.

In 2015, the company said it was the biggest employer in Melbourne.

It is owned by the company’s parent company, British firm Dixons.

The furniture is priced from $2,500 for a small, comfortable chair to $15,000 for a large desk.

Lowes has its own Australian branch of Lowes Australia, which is based in Melbourne, but Lowes stores also have stores in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Lowe products Lowes is the second-largest online retailer in Australia after Amazon, with more than 9.6 million customers.

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