The season for decorating is starting to get into full swing.

Here are some suggestions for those planning a summer or fall look.


Make a splash!

If you have a little space, a splash is the way to go.

The color palette in a room should look like this.

Think bright colors that make room for a splash of color.

The splash can be a big splash of colors.

A splash of green, for example, would be the perfect color for a bath or bathtub.

Try to do your best to have a splash or two in your home every day.

Make the splash bright and vibrant, too.2.

Make it personal.

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outside, then a splash might be a good idea.

A big splash might make your house feel like a private garden.

If the splash doesn’t make the room feel personal, then it probably won’t do your home justice.

Try using a splash head that you can paint over with a paintbrush, paint, or a paint roller.

The paint can be done by hand, but there’s nothing worse than using a paint brush and then getting it all messed up.

Try putting your paint brush on top of the spray paint head so it is easy to clean off when you’re done.3.

Add some texture.

To create a splash, place a splash bottle or bottle of spray paint inside a plastic cup or bowl, like this one.

A small splash of water or a splash can add texture.4.

Mix colors!

Colors add a great amount of texture to the room and are a great color to splash in.

You can use paint or spray paint to create splash color.

For example, a bright orange splash can give a moody vibe to a room.

You could also try adding a bright red splash to make a splash.5.

Create a splash zone.

It might not be the splash that makes the room seem “homey” or “special,” but adding splash zones is a good way to add a touch of personality to your home.

Imagine you’re making a splash in the living room or dining room.

In that space, make sure that you add a splash that you’d normally see in a splash garden or splash bar.

A green splash might add some extra life and color to a space.

If your splash zone is large enough, then you can have a pool of water in the room, which would create a perfect splash zone for a pool party.

If not, then make it smaller and add more of a splash effect.6.

Keep it fun!

Don’t make a room feel too formal, too formal.

Instead, make the space feel fun and inviting.

A room with a lot going on in it can add a lot to the mood and atmosphere of the room.

To add that fun element to the space, add some fun things to the walls and decor.

A pool table might add a little splash to the table and a few bubbles to the glass of water that is placed in the pool.7.

Add a splash party.

A lot of people have a big party in their house.

The party can add lots of fun to a small space, so make sure you’re going to a splash celebration!

To make a party a splash event, put a splash bar in the middle of the space.

This could be a splash table or a water slide.

You’ll want to have the splash bar and splash table on the same side of the splash party so that the splash event doesn’t interfere with the table.

You might want to add some of your own splash and splash party ideas to the party.8.

Add something fun and playful!

If your party is big enough, you can add splash parties to the side of a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a baseball field, a soccer field, or even a beach.

You’re welcome to add your own parties to any of the places you plan to splash.9.

Keep the decorating simple!

A splash party will be a little messy, but that’s okay!

When you splash, paint your space a color you like.

You don’t have to go overboard with colors, but the splash can bring a splash to a home.

You may want to keep things simple with a splash wall or splash table.

Keep a few small splash bubbles or small bubbles that you’ll use as decoration.

You want the splash to be fun, but still make it easy for your guests to see what’s going on.10.

Use a splash floor.

You need to keep the space clean and inviting, so try to do this by keeping the splash floor or splash area clean and neat.

If possible, create a space that’s always in the background, or if possible, have a space where the splash or splashy element will be placed.11.

Try out different colors.

You know you want something colorful and sparkly.

A good splash will add a sense of color to the area

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