We’re not sure what the Macys is selling in 2018, but it sure sounds like it’s going well for the brand.

According to the company, sales of furniture and kitchenware rose by 22 percent in 2018 to $3.78 million, a year-over-year increase of over $2 million.

The company also said it’s seeing a strong recovery in the sale of office furniture, which jumped 35 percent in that same period.

For 2017, Macys also posted solid sales of office desks, chairs, and desk sets, which were up 37 percent.

As we’ve seen from past years, the Macy brand is now enjoying a strong year of sales.

With its $5.7 million in sales, it still trails behind the likes of Ikea and Sears, but the company’s sales growth should continue to outpace those of its competitors.

Macys has long been known for selling some of the most durable and durable-looking furniture around.

This year, the company saw strong sales of its new “Modern Home” line, which features sleek and modern-looking desks, cabinets, and chairs.

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