I know I said I would have no interest in buying an Amazon Kindle Fire, but I’m actually buying one for my wife and daughter this Christmas.

But the book that I have to read to make the decision?

The one with the title: How to make an Amazon Echo Dot from a book of fire.

Well, I’m not going to try and convince you to buy it, so we’ll skip to the part where I have an idea of what the Echo Dot might be, and I know that my wife loves it.

And, yes, I love the fact that the book is an Amazon book.

So when my wife says “I want to make my own Echo Dot,” I know what she’s talking about.

And I don’t even need to know what the book actually is to be able to understand how to make it.

In fact, I actually have a couple of pictures of the book.

The first is a picture of the actual Amazon Kindle book, “How to Make a Kindle Fire from a Scrabble Set,” written by Dan Harmon.

I bought the Kindle version, which is still on sale at Amazon, when it was in stock for $29.99.

The second picture is a page from “How To Make a Fire Stick From a Scrapbook.”

The book is available on Amazon, but it’s currently $6.99 and I don’ want to pay $5 for it.

But wait!

There’s more!

The Amazon Kindle has a page that shows you how to “make a fire stick” using a piece of scrap paper.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Pick a piece you want to print out The book comes in two sizes: 1,000 and 1,500 words.

So, you need a piece that you want your child to have a book with.

You could buy a scrapbook or a scrap paper, but in this case I’m going to use scrapbook paper.

But you want something sturdy.

The Amazon book has an extra “s” at the end of the name, so that means that it should be able take a beating from a hammer and a knife.

I’m using a 3-foot piece of paper, and it comes in a variety of weights and measures.

I’ll be using a 12-inch piece of printer paper, which has a “s,” which means it’s durable enough to handle scrapbook.

So grab that scrapbook and take a picture.

Step 2: Make a scrap book The first step is to make a scrap piece of newspaper.

For this, you’re going to want to buy a sheet of newspaper that’s at least 12 inches by 24 inches.

That’s a lot of paper.

So the paper needs to be thick enough to keep your scrapbook from sticking, but not so thick that it becomes a kind of rubber band.

Make a template out of a piece from scrapbook that’s about 12 inches wide by 18 inches long.

Now, you want the paper to be folded on itself.

This will make the paper stick to the scrapbook, and keep it from sliding around the edge of the scrap book.

It’s okay to flip it over once, but if you want it to stay stuck, you should flip it back and forth.

Step 3: Lay the paper on the scrap piece I like to use a scrap card, so I’ve made a cardboard template out the cardboard and cut it out.

I then glued it onto the scrap card and folded it in half.

The top half of the paper is where the scrap paper should go.

I used a pair of scissors to cut out a hole in the top half, and then a pair more scissors to take out the paper from the middle.

Then I folded the top paper in half, which will be the “sleeve.”

So, the paper that is folded on top of the cardboard is going to be on the “back.”

Step 4: Cut out the scraps For this step, I used two 1-inch-by-1-inch strips of newspaper to make four sections.

So that means I’m cutting the paper in a strip.

And this is what the “end” looks like when it’s finished: You can see that there’s a small hole in that strip, so you need to make another one to make sure that the paper won’t be stuck.

Step 5: Fold the scraps Again, I’ve cut out four sections from the scrap sheet and glued them onto the paper.

Step 6: Take a picture Take a photo of the whole thing when it is done.

It looks like this: I used the scrap and the paper, plus some extra paper and some scissors.

This is the final result.

You can make the whole machine out of scrapbook if you’re a little more DIY.

But, hey, you can make it yourself if you have a printer and a printer paper.

And if you can’t print out a scrap, there

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