The new season of The Walking Dead has just kicked off, and while the showrunners are not revealing too much about the upcoming storyline, the showrunner for the upcoming season, Robert Kirkman, has a few ideas to get fans ready for the new season.

According to Kirkman on his Instagram page, the new “season” is set in “the aftermath of the events of Season 1.”

Here’s the first part of that description: The world has been destroyed, and survivors are scattered around the globe.

The new Season is about a time when the world is being reborn.

In a new city, a survivor is introduced to the people who have already been through the worst of the apocalypse, and to the city’s new mayor, Maggie.

He’s a man who was not born with superpowers, and who is determined to fight the zombie apocalypse to save the world.

As the season progresses, we learn more about Maggie, and we begin to understand why she wants to protect people from the undead.

But it is the zombies who are killing the city, and their arrival has changed everything.

The world of The New Season is not only about the new zombie outbreak, it’s about the world we live in today.

It is the apocalypse of a different kind, and the survivors are not prepared for the impact it will have.

But they have to keep fighting the war, even if they are on the front lines.

The next chapter of The WALKING DEAD is set to premiere in January 2017.

The Walking East episode of The Next Chapter is available now on Netflix.

You can see a trailer below.

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