You may have noticed the title above was about the best-selling game on Amazon.

That’s because Amazon is the home of the best selling games on the entire internet.

However, the best seller for the last two weeks is probably Destiny.

Destiny was the #1 most-sold game on Steam, with almost 50,000 games sold, and is now in the top 10 on the PlayStation Store.

But why is it so popular?

Destiny is a great game.

I played it on a single-player, single-play experience, and it was a blast.

If you want to play with friends, you can even do so in co-op.

In short, I love Destiny, and I can’t wait for its sequel, Destiny 2.

I also love the way Destiny 2 handles multiplayer.

Destiny 2 is a huge upgrade over the original game, and the game still works well.

But the multiplayer experience in Destiny 2 feels much more polished than it did in Destiny.

When I played Destiny 2, I was able to enjoy the online and the single-game experience even more.

I found that the game was more responsive than I remember it being in Destiny, which makes sense because Destiny 2 has much more polish.

Destiny’s multiplayer is the best I’ve experienced on a console, and that makes it one of the most satisfying games on any console.

Destiny, however, is not for everyone.

Destiny is best played with friends.

The game’s multiplayer doesn’t feel great, but that’s because the game’s focus is on one player, which means there’s no multiplayer for solo play.

Destiny has been in beta for a while now, and we’ve gotten to know Destiny a bit more.

We’ve seen improvements to the game, but the multiplayer is still in a beta stage, which will likely continue for some time.

I think Destiny 2 will have a bigger impact on the multiplayer than Destiny 1.

I can see myself playing Destiny 2 more than Destiny first did, which was a big hit.

However if you’re a hardcore Destiny fan, Destiny is still the best single-playing game on any platform.

The best-seller for the past two weeks: Destiny 2 Destiny’s best-sold games on Amazon The games on this list are the most-popular on Amazon, but there are a lot of games that are even better.

Here are the top-selling games on all three major platforms for the month of May.

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