The Big House, a new home furnishings brand from furniture giant Target, is launching with four products.

Its products range from floor-to-ceiling shelving to kitchen cabinets, but the most exciting product for 2018 is the patio furniture.

The company is calling the brand “a family friendly patio space that transforms into a spacious dining and living space” and it will have its debut in October. 

Target says it has designed the new patio furniture to accommodate “everyone’s family style,” including a “sporty space for entertaining, relaxation and socializing,” and a “modern design for a welcoming living space.” 

Target will sell a range of patio furniture in two styles: the patio style is for outdoor use, and the terrace style is ideal for “long-term use.” 

The patio furniture is the latest in a string of products Target has launched since it launched its new line of home furnishing in 2018.

Earlier this year, Target introduced the brand’s first floor-level kitchen cabinets and outdoor tables.

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