I am a huge fan of the Rattan and I’ve spent the last few months of my life with a Rattan, but the company that makes it is struggling to get its products in stores.

I had a chance to chat with owner and co-founder Paul C. Cairns about the challenges of running a small business, and what he hopes to accomplish by buying the company.

Cairns is a former tech executive who’s spent years working at companies like Google and Facebook, and his career took him to the internet industry.

His current focus is building and selling custom, high-end furniture, but he said he had some experience in the furniture industry.

He bought a Rattans a few years ago and said it was one of the first things he bought, but was always hesitant to buy anything from the company he thought was “un-serious.”

“I was like, I don’t think this is something I want to buy from, so I went with the more mainstream brand,” Cairnis said.

“I think the company is doing great.”

As for what’s next for the company, Cairnes said he wants to expand into other areas of the home, and eventually get a larger company up and running.

The company is currently working on an updated version of its popular Rattan floor cover that is more functional, and is designed to fit in with other floor covers.

“We’re really focused on being the only company that has a true full-body Rattan,” he said.

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