A new study by furniture retailer Ikea found that a small percentage of people actually made a profit in 2018.

The study analyzed data from Ikea’s US sales website and found that only one in four people making $10,000 or more made money in 2018, compared to the two in three who made $10k-$15k.

While Ikea is a big seller in the US, the study found that the average sales price per square foot for furniture in 2018 was only $8,976.

That’s not a bad price to make, but it’s not nearly as good as what people actually make.

The average price of a $1,000 table in 2018 is only $3,946.

To see how Ikea customers are making their way through 2018, I asked Ikea employees how they had spent their money and they responded that the majority of the money they spent was on “luxury” items like furniture, televisions, and accessories.

This makes sense considering the company sells more than just furniture, which has been a big part of its success.

Ikea has been the subject of several lawsuits in recent years, including one that claimed that it illegally stole design ideas from other furniture brands.

The company settled the case for $25 million, but still has an ongoing lawsuit against a former employee.

When it comes to furniture, Ikea doesn’t take its money lightly.

Ikeas CEO Peter Visser, who was previously the head of Ikea retail in Europe, was named CEO of Ikeas UK business unit in November 2018.

Ikeases UK unit is focused on creating more efficient and affordable furniture, while also trying to grow sales in the UK.

For some, Ikeas success in the U.S. can be attributed to its focus on being the largest furniture retailer in the world.

Ikeats customers are not so lucky.

Ikeas U.K. unit sells only one of its large furniture brands, so its customers are left with the option of buying more than one item at a time.

Some of Ikeaks U.k. products include: Ikea products.

If you live in the United Kingdom and need a nice furniture gift for yourself or someone special, Ikeains U. k. offers the Ikea Gifts collection of designer, handmade, and vintage furniture and accessories, including books, home décor, and more.

It also offers a variety of other products for home decor, home goods, and home furnishings.

Ikea also offers its U.s. customers a wide range of free shipping options, and its free returns policy lets you exchange your Ikea goods for other products.

If you’re looking for something unique, you can also shop the Ikeas U k. section of its site.

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