Farmer’s home furniture store The Biggest Sellers is a sprawling collection of home decor, furnishings and household items from the likes of Home Depot, Target and J.


The shop, located at 12, Kavat, is packed with items from around the world, including French doors from French furniture brand Alpinist, Japanese beds from Yomiuri Shimbun, Korean-styled lamps from Korean-owned Korean furniture brand Nendoroid, and Indian-styling kitchen tables from luxury Japanese home furniture brand Sonos.

In the corner, the shelves are lined with Japanese-style home-style chairs and kitchen-style dishes.

A large, colourful display stands out from the rest of the store, featuring a selection of Japanese-inspired products.

It is this space where The Bigest Seller is housed, with a huge selection of Indian and Asian-styles furniture and furniture accessories.

“We have a collection of around 1,000 items,” says Arjun, who runs the shop.

“The biggest seller of this collection is a large furniture shop, which is located in the neighbouring area.

It sells over 3,000 pieces of furniture.

It’s not easy to find Indian furniture in India, especially from foreign countries.”

Arjun has been a furniture aficionado his entire life.

“I have spent years in the furniture business, but it was only a matter of time before I ventured into furniture retailing.

Now, I am really looking forward to this new venture.

It is a dream come true.”

The Bigest Sellers has also recently added a full-service retail space in the heart of the neighbourhood, called the Lark House, which will be opening this month.

“It will be a place where people can come and shop, and where we can cater to our customers’ needs,” says Prakash Bhatia, the owner and founder of The Bigger, Better, Better shop.

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