This is the story of a big lot of the furniture that the Israeli authorities have been throwing away in anticipation of the arrival of the new big-lot settlement of Qalandia in occupied East Jerusalem.

It was all laid out in a press conference by the Israeli occupation authorities on July 24, after the construction of the settlement was announced.

They had just started laying the first new building in the settlement when they came upon a big pile of rubble and rubble debris.

At first glance, it appeared to be a pile of garbage that had been left behind after a previous building in Qalanda had collapsed.

They then realised that the whole pile of debris was comprised of the debris of a Palestinian house, with the Israeli flag hanging in the middle.

But the Israeli army later admitted that the pile was actually made up of the rubble of two Palestinian houses, and the flag of the Israeli state hanging in their midst.

The Palestinian flag was raised over the rubble pile in a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and also as a protest against the Israeli settler construction project in the occupied West Bank.

This image was taken on July 29, 2017.

After the flag was lowered, the Israeli military officials also showed the Palestinian families of Qalamoun the house that the families had demolished to build the new house.

As it turned out, the building that the Palestinian family had demolished had belonged to the father of the family, who was killed by an Israeli settlers in 2015.

The Israeli occupation police officers at the press conference also showed images of the bulldozer that had destroyed the Palestinian house in Qalamun.

On July 31, Israeli forces raided the house and arrested three people, including the Palestinian father of one of the three men who had been arrested.

They also found the remains of the house, which was later demolished.

The bulldozer driver, who is a former officer with the military, is still serving a life sentence for manslaughter.

According to the Israeli media, he was released after serving five years in prison.

On August 1, Israeli authorities announced the release of four prisoners who were freed after serving 12 years in Israeli jails, in accordance with the “zero-tolerance policy” against Palestinian violence against Israeli citizens.

At the same time, Israeli security forces detained the Palestinian detainee from Qalamuna, and then demolished his house and the Palestinian relatives’ house.

On the same day, Israeli army soldiers broke into the house of another Palestinian family that had also been demolished, and they shot at the family members who had gathered in the street to protest the demolition.

Israeli occupation forces later released the Palestinian man from jail.

At least one of them, Muhammad Qassem Al-Alwani, is now in Israeli prison.

The remaining two prisoners were released on August 1 after serving their sentences.

On Wednesday, August 4, Israeli occupation officials said that Israeli forces had demolished the home of one Palestinian, Abd al-Rahim Qassab, the father-in-law of two Israeli soldiers killed in 2016 during clashes with Palestinian protesters in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Israel’s army had already destroyed a Palestinian home in the same city on August 2, 2017, and a similar demolition of a home in Beit Lahiya on August 3, 2017 has been ongoing for some time.

According of the Palestinian rights group B’Tselem, Israeli officials demolished the Qassabis house in the Hebron city of Beit Halaq and the two homes in Hebron’s Beit She’an neighborhood, which are located within the illegal Israeli settlements of Ariel and Pisgat Zeev.

The homes belonged to a family of two who had lived in the two cities for the last four decades.

Qassaba was also arrested in May 2017 for allegedly trying to steal a vehicle belonging to a Palestinian driver.

On Monday, Israeli soldiers arrested the father and son of a man named Mohammad Ibrahim, who they said had tried to kill them with a knife, during clashes at the Israeli-controlled settlement of Ma’ale Adumim.

Ibrahim, a resident of the Hebria settlement, had recently been arrested for allegedly attacking Israeli soldiers with a homemade knife, and he had previously been arrested twice in 2014 for allegedly setting fire to a house in Hebria and for allegedly killing a Palestinian man.

On Sunday, Israeli military spokesman Maj. Col. Peter Lerner said that Israel had demolished dozens of homes and confiscated hundreds of vehicles belonging to Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

According a statement from the Israeli police, on July 21, 2017 Israeli forces broke into a house belonging to Ahmad Abu Khdeir in Hebra, where Israeli forces said they had discovered an explosive device.

According the statement, Israeli troops found an empty pipe bomb at the scene and then detonated the device.

Israeli forces arrested Abu Khdesir on suspicion of possessing a pipe bomb, and in November 2017 he was charged with throwing an explosive at an

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