The idea of a robotic car is still a fairly new one.

It’s only been around since the 1980s, but the concept of a vehicle that looks and drives like a real car is a pretty neat one.

Now, some scientists are working on creating a car that can perform tasks that humans simply can’t, including running errands and cleaning toilets.

The robot is called Bobs and it is built by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

Bobs is designed to be able to do tasks like driving, lifting heavy loads, or cleaning toilets by itself.

“We think this is a great way to explore the possibility of using robots to perform basic tasks,” said Carnegie Mellon professor of mechanical engineering and chief scientist, Peter Zuker.

“In the real world, we have to be pretty darn good at driving, and there’s a lot of data to show that humans aren’t that good at that.”

The robot would be able walk or climb stairs, open doors, and pick up items.

In order to do the tasks that it needs to do, the robot would need a human operator to control it.

A robot that can do a lot can also be dangerous, Zukar said.

Belser is part of the MIT-led project called BBS, which is dedicated to improving the design and operation of robots to reduce the amount of time and resources required for tasks such as driving and cleaning.

BBS will use a new type of robot called the BMS (Bobs-based Multi-Scale Mechanical) system.

The BMS system is a modular robot with a range of sensors that will allow it to perform different tasks in the real and virtual worlds.

BMS will be a prototype and will only be able move for about 10 minutes before needing to be restarted.

“Bobs will be built to be autonomous in the first place,” said lead author David M. Sacks, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Carnegie’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

“But it will still need a certain level of human interaction to do its tasks.”

In the real-world, a robot would have to know how to navigate, walk, and operate in the environment.

“With Bobs, we are making that a bit easier,” Sacks said.

“The robots have a sensor that tells them how to move in the world, and that sensor is an actual motor.”

The motor is a single unit that will be able take turns driving the robot, so that it can make quick, precise turns.

The motor unit will also be able detect when Bobs needs to go into action, and will make a decision on whether to stay in action or not.

A sensor inside the motor will measure the speed at which the robot is moving and tell the Bobs what speed to go.

In other words, the sensor will measure how fast the robot moves when it’s being driven by a human.

Bikes and cars are also currently able to perform tasks like moving and braking.

“This is an important first step towards making the robot able to take on any kind of task that you can imagine,” Saks said.

The researchers have already built the robot and are ready to move it into a prototype.

“A lot of these [real] robots, which are made from plastic and steel, have problems in terms of stability and they can’t be controlled in the same way,” Zukr said.

In a future version of Bobs called BMS, the BOS (Bosom’s OS) system will be used to help manage the robot.

This will mean that the sensors that are used to determine how fast and how much Bobs moves in a particular direction will also have to work with the OS.

This could help the robot stay safe when it is in motion.

“One of the things that makes Bobs so good is the way that it is designed.

It doesn’t have to go on the ground and sit there and do all the work,” Zaker said.

Instead, it will use sensors to calculate the speed of the robot as well as the distance from Bobs to other robots.

“If we can use BBS to figure out which robots are doing the work, then we can give the robots more control,” Zauker said, adding that BBS can be programmed to work more autonomously.

This is all part of what’s known as a multi-scale design, where different types of components can be used in different ways.

The system will include sensors for controlling Bobs’s movements, brake and steering systems, wheels, tires, and even a seat.

This also allows the system to adapt to different situations.

For example, the sensors can detect when a robot needs to stop, but it can also sense when Bains has been walking for a while and could adjust the speed.

The idea is that a system that is smart enough to figure this out, could also

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