The latest version of the CB2 furniture set from Kishimoto, which features the company’s latest addition to its range, was launched last week and has sold out in a matter of days.

Kishimoto’s new furniture set for the home market, which includes the CB1 and CB2 sets, will go on sale at the end of March at a price of NZ$4,822 (NZ$7,300).

It will be available in select shops and online for $4,999 (NZ $8,000) in New Zealand.

The CB2 set, which is currently being tested in the United States, will be the first of its kind.

The company says it has made the decision to introduce the CB series as it is confident of creating the best furniture for the modern lifestyle.

The original CB series, launched in 2010, included a collection of furniture based on the famous CBs, including the classic CB4 and CB5.

The new CB series includes CB2 and CB3 sets, which include a range of different designs for home and office use, with the main differences being that the CB3 set features an articulated seat and a sliding door.

There are also CB4 sets and CB4 furniture which have been designed specifically for home use.

The product is currently available in a number of retailers in New York, Canada and the United Kingdom, including Amazon, Costco, Home Depot and HomeGoods.

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