Kanes furniture is one of Jerusalem’s unfinished furniture.

According to its owner, it is being dismantled.

It is a small furniture house that was built by the family of a former Jerusalem resident, who died in 2006.

It was built for Kanes family who were in Jerusalem at the time, but since then the house has been occupied by another family.

Now the furniture is being demolished.

According a Facebook post, the family plans to sell the furniture for $6,000.

The family says that it will take care of the furnishings.

The furniture, however, has already been damaged.

The owner says that the furniture has been damaged by the earthquake, and the work has been done at night.

He also said that the building was destroyed by the same earthquake that destroyed the rest of Jerusalem in 2008.

The building was originally built in 1958, but the family did not make any payments for the years it was occupied.

It’s the fourth unfinished building in the neighborhood.

It has been used as a shop and a residence for the last four generations.

[A]ll the previous owners of the house, who are now deceased, made payments for years.

This is the fifth unfinished building that was damaged by an earthquake in the past ten years.

According the owner, the last payment was made in December 2016, but they made no payment because of the damage.

The owners said that after the earthquake in Jerusalem, the building did not receive any money for years and that the owner has not been able to find any money since then.

He said that he is going to sell it to a buyer for $7,000, which is half the amount he paid for it.

He did not disclose the buyer name.

Kanes house is located at the intersection of Nachor Street and Elie Street.

[Source: News24]

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