IKEA has been making a lot of American-made furniture since the 1970s, but it doesn’t look like the company is moving fast enough to keep up.

IKEA announced a new plan to modernize its furniture, and the company plans to start with the home, where the company will open its stores next month.

The company said it plans to bring some of its furniture and accessories from the U.S. to the world, and its furniture makers will focus on sourcing locally and using sustainable materials.

This is the first step in a larger shift in IKEa’s business strategy to become more global, said Jochen Müller, IKEADO CEO.

“We want to do better and be more global.

We are committed to the U.”

“The new IKEAPO headquarters will help bring together IKEABOUT, the company’s core brands, to create a more harmonious, sustainable and responsible approach to product sourcing,” he said.

Earlier this year, IveA announced that it would shift its manufacturing operations to Mexico, where they would focus on making the IKEACOS line of chairs, while IKEAMAZON, the e-commerce company, will focus its efforts on the home and kitchen.

In a press release, Ivesa said it would also start sourcing furniture from overseas, and it would invest in manufacturing facilities to meet global standards.

While the new IKELO headquarters, which opened on Wednesday, is expected to open in 2019, IKESTA, the IKALA brand, said it was expecting to open a new location by 2021.

There are also plans for more locations in the U, including a new facility in San Diego, which will open in 2021.

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