From the age of two, my little one would sit on the edge of a rocking chair, his arms outstretched, his hands resting on the armrests.

Then, with one push, he would open up the crib and, as if by magic, put his little one into the air.

I would jump in my chair and let the little one go.

But I had to keep my eyes on him.

The crib would fall apart and he would get hurt.

I was so afraid of hurting my child that I would never let him go into the crib.

I also never tried to put the baby on his back.

I had a fear of putting him on his head.

When I was younger, I didn’t know what was happening to babies.

And I was afraid that I might hurt him, too.

I didn`t know how to tell the baby what to do.

So I would say, `Give your little one his arm and let him put his head on his chest,’ and then I would sit and watch him while he did that.

When the crib was put in the washing machine, it fell apart.

So the next day, I would have to get up and put the crib back in.

Then I would be able to sit there and watch my baby play with his toys.

My son and daughter were in school at the time.

I started telling them that if they were in the crib, they should be allowed to play.

But they never understood what I was talking about.

So, I was able to convince my son and then my daughter to do it.

When my daughter was in kindergarten, I started making toys for her.

But she wouldn`t let me do it because she knew she was scared of being hurt.

She also didn`T want me to do anything dangerous.

So in middle school, I told my son, `If you want to play, then you should let him sit on his hands.’

And my son said, `No, Mommy, I can`t.

He would hurt me.

So Mommy told me to put him on a table.

So my son started to do that and she kept doing that.

I put my son on a small bed and started making small toys and then the next morning, she started doing that too.

That is when I knew my son was scared.

And my fear of hurting him grew so great that I started to call my daughter and my son `Mama` and `Papa` and all the time to tell them that my son wouldn` t be able play.

Then they started to play too, but I told them to play in their own way, not in my house.

So they wouldn` d be safe and their toys would be safe too.

So now, when my son comes home from school, he comes home with me and we sit on a couch, which we made ourselves.

I don`t sit with him.

I`m sitting with him in a corner.

He doesn`t play with me.

But when he comes to school, we sit together and play together.

It`s like a big family.

Now my daughter, my son` s friend, comes home to my house, too, and she plays in the yard too.

When he came home from work, he came to the house, and he started playing with me too.

But, of course, he kept asking me what` s wrong with him and he wouldn`T tell me.

I knew he was scared and worried that I was going to hurt him.

So one day, when I was sitting with my son at my house and I was listening to him talking to the dog, I saw his arm fall off and he was crying.

So when I said to my daughter in front of the dog: `You must be scared of him because he has come home and you`re scared that he`ll hurt you,` she said, “Yes, he`s scared of me.”

But I didn�t know that at the same time I was terrified of him.

When Mommy was in preschool, my children were playing outside.

Mommy would walk up to my children and I would run and she would say `Hello, Daddy` and my children would come to me and play.

And when I walked back to the door, they would start playing in the grass.

It was really fun.

So we went back inside the house and Mommy said, �Daddy, please let them play.

They have to have fun.’

She said, I don’t know why we do it that way.

So later in middle grade, I had two children who came home to our house and they were both playing.

So as soon as I saw them playing, I took them out of the house.

They didn` t know it at the moment, but they were scared.

But Mommy` s husband was at work. So she

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