A lot of us are sick and tired of being told what to wear, even when we have no idea what that’s supposed to look like.

So, what to look for when you’re getting sick?

Here are five items to keep in mind.


Shirt and tie If you’re wearing a shirt and tie and a tie, it should be a plain shirt and no logos or embroidery.

A tie or tie will probably work just fine, but a plain tee-shirt is a good idea as well.

If you’ve got any kind of fringe on, it could look better, especially if you’ve had a long day at work.

The more elaborate your tie, the better.


Pants and shoes A pair of jeans or a pair of shoes, or a long-sleeved button-up shirt with a tie will look better.

And if you’re really sick, a white shirt with red stitching on the bottom, like a t-shirt, will look great.


Shorts A pair that’s short enough will look fine, even if it’s a pair you haven’t worn in days.

If the shorts are long enough, you can wear a shirt or tie.

But if you do, don’t wear a tie or shirt.

A shirt or a tie can work, but it’s not the best choice.


Scarf A scarf can work for a short scarf, or for a long scarf, but the longer the scarf, the less comfortable it will be.

If your scarf is long enough to cover your entire head, it’ll look great on.

Scarves work better on shorter, but they won’t work on longer ones.


Sunglasses or goggles If you have a pair that looks nice but doesn’t have any lenses, try wearing sunglasses.

If they don’t fit, or if they look like they’ll be too much of a nuisance for your eyes, you might want to consider getting goggles instead.

If a pair doesn’t fit properly, you’ll probably have to get glasses or goggles.

If glasses or a piece of mask are on your wishlist, get them.

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