New Zealand is set to announce the birth of its first baby boy on January 3.

Auckland-based company BabyBuster is already preparing for the arrival of its new baby boy, named William, in the city.

The company has been working on its plans for weeks, and has already set up a nursery at the site of a former school for newborns.

The nursery will be equipped with a baby shower, an activity room and an area for the parents to meet their baby, and will be open from 10am to 7pm.

The company will offer a pre-natal baby shower with music, games and activities.

It will also hold a party for the birth.

William will be a first born baby.

He is due to arrive in New Zealand on January 6, 2019.

BabyBuster says it hopes to see its new arrivals “as happy, healthy and thriving as they were when we welcomed them into the world”.

“We are committed to making this new life a happy one for all our newborns,” it said.

Babies are usually born in hospitals on Thursday, but babies are usually brought to the nursery on Monday or Tuesday, depending on where they are brought from.

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