The best-seller list is stacked with retailers, but Walmart isn’t just one of them.

In fact, Walmart has been one of the most consistently good-to-great companies in the past year, with annual profit growth that has more than doubled.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon recently made headlines for declaring that the company’s growth rate had doubled since the start of the year.

The retailer has also been expanding its online shopping offerings, which have also been gaining traction.

Now, with more than 1,400 retail locations, Walmart is the nation’s largest retailer by merchandise sales, according to Forbes.

And with its growing presence in food, fashion and health care, Walmart could soon become the second-largest retailer in the United States.

Walmart will likely see its stock prices go up even further if it can make a profit.

That could lead to big discounts and big profits.

Here are five reasons to buy Walmart stock: 1.

The company is doing well.

Walmart’s stock price has doubled since its January 2018 peak, and the company has been on a steady climb since then.

Walmart stock is trading at a 52-week high, up more than 20% in 2017.

That’s not the case for its rivals.

While Amazon and Walmart are still battling each other, they’re both trading at record highs and have been gaining in market share.

Walmart has also made huge strides in its online sales, which now make up nearly 40% of the company.

Amazon and Target have also seen double-digit growth in recent years.

Walmart is one of a handful of companies that are now profitable.


Walmart customers can get more for less.

Walmart is the only retailer that offers free shipping, and shoppers can take advantage of discounts on all of its items.

You can get a discounted grocery bag, a gift card, a discount on other Walmart merchandise, and more.

Walmart also offers cash back on most purchases.


It’s an online shopping platform.

Walmart can offer discounts to online shoppers on virtually every item.

Its Walmart Rewards program has been highly successful, and its loyalty program offers customers a way to keep their rewards.

And the company offers free two-day shipping on all orders.

All that’s needed to get started is a shopping cart online, and it’s easy to create an account.


The business is growing.

Walmart grew by 5.6% in the third quarter, which is higher than the 4.7% annual growth rate that analysts had forecast.

Walmart saw growth in total merchandise sales in the quarter of more than 17%, up from 16.7%.


Its growth is making it more attractive to investors.

Walmart was the only company to post double-digits in adjusted earnings in the three months through June, which was a big turnaround for a company that had been struggling for years.

But Walmart’s profits have been improving steadily over the past three years.

That means investors are now willing to bet that Walmart’s future is bright.

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