When a house doesn’t seem to belong anymore, how do you get rid and restore it to life?

A new survey from Lowe’s sheds light on this question, asking customers to recommend the homes that would be most appealing to the home’s potential owner.

The company also asked its customers which of the two types of furniture they’d most like to see in a new home.

And although the survey is based on customer feedback, Lowe’s says it has also done research to identify the furniture the company believes is the most likely to bring people back.

According to the survey, “a lot of the items that are perceived as attractive and desirable are the most popular,” Lowe’s spokesperson Lauren Bostick told Fox News.

“We are trying to think of ways to find those things that people really want and that can be attractive.”

Lowe’s spokesperson added that the company’s survey also identified the top four most attractive furnishings on its website and on its Pinterest page.

A house’s interior design is one of the factors that makes it a desirable home, according to the company.

So how do we know what a house really looks like?

In a previous survey of the furniture and furniture accessories market, the surveyor said the most important factor in deciding whether a house is good for us is the furniture.

In a study conducted in 2013, Lowe was asked about how many of its customers felt the furniture was attractive.

“The biggest thing people look for in a house and that is the ability to use it to its fullest,” the surveyors said.

“People want something that’s going to be able to move around and get in and out of the room.”

The survey also found that a high percentage of people wanted to use their furniture as they walked around the home.

“The ability to move and get into the room, it’s a great quality of life feature,” the study stated.

“It’s a lot easier to get into a room with a high-quality piece of furniture than with a low-quality one.”

Another key factor is whether the furniture is comfortable.

“A lot of people are looking for something that can really stand up to the elements,” the report stated.

According a study done by Zagat, about 70 percent of Americans say they would consider buying a home if it was furnished with a home-inspired design.

In contrast, only 25 percent of homeowners surveyed in the 2016 survey would buy a home “if it was made to look like the owner’s home.”

According to Zagit, there are a number of different types of home décor, but there are three common ones: modern, contemporary, and traditional.

Modern décor typically has large windows and ceilings, a large roof, and is decorated with bright colors and prints.

Modern home décours are also often “vintage,” or made in the past.

Contemporary décors are typically more “homey” and are decorated with hand-painted or textured designs.

And traditional home décolors are a combination of classic designs and modern designs.

“We don’t think the traditional style has any inherent value,” Bostuck said.

“A lot is dependent on what kind of space you want,” she added.

“For a lot of these types of homes, we would think the house should have a certain amount of privacy, it should have natural light and feel a certain way.”

Bostick also noted that many homeowners want to see the furniture in their home.

“Some of the things we’re seeing in homes that are a little more modern, you can really see how that is changing,” she said.

According To Zagats report, more than half of Americans have been influenced by the design of the house.

“Most people are interested in looking at the interior of the home, what it looks like and how it looks,” the company stated.

The majority of people want to “stay connected to the family” in their new home, and the survey found that people are also interested in having “access to great, unique and personalized experiences” that are “connected to the house.”

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