Ashley Furnishings Sells its own furniture.

When Ashley has a big sale, she likes to sell a few pieces at a time.

But sometimes the company just wants to take a look at its inventory.

When that happens, it’s like having an audience in the store, she said.

“It’s very, very different than, you know, being a retail person.

You’re kind of just kind of doing it on your own,” she said, laughing.

The company is a small company with a few employees and no real financial clout.

But its customers and staff are really excited about the new merchandise they see in stores.

The new items are designed for women.

Ashley said her daughter was “overwhelmed” with the assortment.

And that was a good thing.

The company hopes to make some big waves in the retail industry, she added.

The Furniture Store at the Westin New York City, which closed in August.

The store at the Holiday Inn near Union Square in New York, which reopened in July.

A woman walks past a display of new merchandise at the Furniture Shop at the New York Hilton Hotel, one of several New York-based companies that are looking to capitalize on the trend.

A young woman, who has a friend in the Furnisher’s Warehouse, displays new items at the new furniture store at Holiday Inn in Manhattan.

A sign at the door reads, “Happy Holidays,” with an image of a heart and a candle.

The shop has been in the Holiday Hotel in Manhattan since it opened in 2015.

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